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At PatternBased, we have been creating music for films and other projects for over two decades with clients including Netflix, Showtime, Amazon, Google, Lucasfilm, The United Nations and so much more. Now you can access our unique catalog of music for your project with an excellent offer. Scroll down for details.

982 compositions for $140.50 (75% off) + one free license

The PatternBased catalog is an ever expanding library of textural/emotive sound & music that ranges from mellow tones and drones to energetic and highly rhythmic works spanning a wide variety of styles and moods. Licensing our creations to TV/films/games etc is one of our specialties.
We license individual tracks, full albums or our catalog on a per project basis. Stems/splits are available for all the tracks on request.

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Full Digital Discography + Single Track License

For a very limited time, we are offering a superb deal to our fellow creators:
Currently, purchases of our full digital discography (40 Album/Groupings - 982 tracks for $140.50 at 75% off) at the PatternBased Bandcamp page comes with one perpetual license of a single track for most non-commercial and small commercial uses like your documentary, indie film, animation, slow motion, stop motion, timelapse, installation or just about any other creative video or project.

STEP 1 Check here to see if your project qualifies for the deal.

Type of Projects:

  • Most Indie Films
  • Most NGO projects re: environmental, animal & human rights of any size/scope
  • Most NGO projects for organizations of 1 - 100 employees
  • Most any installation, video or other art work by a small group or individual artist
  • Most Commercial videos for a small/medium sized businesses (0 - 50 employees)
  • Most Personal Videos
  • Most Podcasts

Usage: World wide web, local broadcast, private use

# of Spots: Single (1) use

Lifespan: Perpetual

Contact us if you have any questions about your project qualifying for our deal.

STEP 2 Head over to our catalog, click any album and then 'Buy Digital Discography'.

STEP 3 Once purchased, you will be able to download the catalog in any format, at any time.

STEP 4 To obtain the license, contact us using this form.